Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pixie Hairstyles

Pixie Hair Style - Are you an active woman? Do you have a limited time to take care your hair? This pixie style will make you look trendy and independent even though you are busy. Pixie hair trend was popularized by Audrey Hepburn on the 50s. Even though the era of Pixie short hair cut has long passed away, but today many celebrities use this hair cut style for renew their appearance.
katie holmes pixie haircuts
Katie Holmes looks gorgeous with her new hair.

rihanna pixie short haircut
Beside her song, Rihanna hairstyle also becomes inspiration for many woman.
keira knightley pixie haircut
Keira Knightley looks more feminine on her pixie hair
elisha cuthbert pixie hair
Elisha Cuthbert looks sexier with her short hair.

So, ask your hair stylist to cut your hair with pixie hair style, then get surprise for your new fabulous look.